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iOS and Mac Developer

My name is Bruno Martins.

I'm an iOS and OS X application developer since 2014.


Browser ChooserX

Are you still copying and pasting links from your email or another application(except a browser) to open in a different browser than your default? You don't need to do this anymore. With Browser ChooserX you can choose the browser on demand when clicking on links outside a browser.
You can also assign an temporally browser to open your links. Browser ChooserX needs to be the default browser.

                                                                                  MD5 Browser = 3e4df78581949caad4fecda83af61a1e



1. Go to your applications folder;

2. Press the Control key, then click the Browser ChooserX icon, then choose Open from the shortcut menu.

3. Click Open.

An window asking if you want to change your default browser should appear.

If it does not appear, open System Preferences>General>Default web browser and choose Browser ChooserX (1.1).

Try to click in a link outside a browser. If it does not work, please send an email to [email protected]


Favorites Launcher

MD5 Favorites = 51b4ad456476bfd34fcaa31813e82daa

Favorites Launcher: Open all your favorites websites and Mac Apps with one click
Favorites Launcher

Favorites Launcher will open all your favorite websites and Mac apps. Open one or multiple websites and apps at once in one click. Choose the default browser for each favorite website.

  • Open each favorite with your favorite browser.
  • Launch your favorites apps and websites when "Favorites Launcher" starts.
  • Open one or multiple websites and apps in one click.
  • Add one or more favorites in each item.
  • Select your favorite browser on demand.
  • Add, edit, and delete your favorites.
  • Reorder favorites in alphabetical or chronological order.
  • Shortcut: Control ⌃+Option ⌥+Command ⌘+L
  • Launch at login.

Master Volume Changer


Master Volume Changes automatically changes the system master volume for the active current application.


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New Notes Pro
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