Bruno Martins Software Developer

Browser ChooserX


- New: Application icon and Menu bar icons by Rishi Mohan.

- New Option:  “Show editors for html files”.

When selected (Options menu), Browser ChooserX will try to show a list of html editors from Applications Folder.


- New Option: Use the opened browser.

With this option selected, Browser ChooserX will try to open an external link (that isn’t in the domains list or in the apps list) in an browser that is already open.


- Added Brave Browser to default list. 

- Minor  improvements.


- New option: Export and import “per app” and “per domain” lists in a xml file.

- Fixed an issue that made “Show Only Browser Images” make an error sound.


- Fixed an issue that may make browser list fast disappear when “Show List on text selection" is used.


- Fixed an issue that may occur after select “Show List on text selection" and deny accessibility control. 

- Improved links selection for “Show List on text selection”.

- New option: “Show only browser images” when "Show Browser List" is selected.


- Added Opera Developer to default list. 


- Manipulate links inside browsers: When you open a link inside an browser that matches the "Per Domain" list, Browser ChooserX will try to reopen this link in the correct browser (Only if the link domain is assigned to another browser in"Per Domain" list). 

Enable it on Menu icon>"Experimental". 

- Improvements in link detection to the option "Show List on text selection". 


- Small bugs fixes. 

- Experimental: Display list on link in text selection. 


- Added iCab Browser and SeaMonkey to default list. 

- Added instructions file. 

- Fixed a problem with some browsers in “Per App” and “Per domain” selection. 

1.0.6 - Added Vivaldi Browser to default list. 

- Small bug fixes. 


- Set the browser to automatically open urls from an application. 

- Set priority Per Domain or Per Application. 


- Set domains to automatically open in a specified browser. 

- Other improvements. 

1.0.3 - Open link in another browser (menu bar icon option). 

- Add new browsers (menu bar icon option). 

- Fixed an issue with html files. 


- Fixed an issue with "Roccat" and Tor browser. 


- Open in background. 

- Fixed an issue that was making an Finder window open after click on Safari. 1.0 


Initial release.